The Start is What Stops People the Most

“The start is what stops people the most” Don Shula (Former NFL Coach)

I read the above quote this morning and thought how true is this. It’s true for everything from Social Media, to starting a business, to renovating their house.  The start is often hard simply because people don’t know where to start.  When I started my business, I wasn’t sure what do to but I got help.  Same with our kitchen renovations.  I sought out help.  I am here to help you get started with Social Media.

Start with signing up. You don’t have to send out any updates, post pictures, interact with people…yet.  But you do need to sign up.  You do need to play with the network.  The best network to market yourself and your business is the one  you will use.  If you ask a personal trainer what the best cardio is, they will respond 90% of the time with the one you will do.  The same rule applies to Social Media.  The best network is the one you will use. So sign up and see which one you will use.  You can always delete the profile later.

See you online!






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