Recently, I’ve been playing around with Pinterest and I can see how it can get addictive.  It’s full of funny, interesting, and weird images. I can also see how images can go viral on this site.  As the point of it is to post images, comment, and re-pin.  I’ve also noticed that a lot of people have their Pinterest account connected with their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Most of the images have links back to websites.  This is a must in marketing your business on any network.  If you can’t link back to your site, or at least your contact information, what’s the point?  When I see a fabulous pictures of some awesome shoes, I want to know where I can buy them or at least what brand they are.

The big drawback to this network is that it’s invite only.  It only took a day for me to get my invite after requesting one but it would have been nice to be able to just sign up. As far as I can tell, everyone get’s approved for an invite.

Pinterest is an interesting network and as I learn more about it I will I will write more.

See you online!



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