My New Puppy

I told you all when my much-loved dog, Morgan, past before Christmas.  Everyone was so supportive.  I still go back and read all the comments and posts people said at the time and it makes me feel better and that I’m not alone.

One of the great and not so great things about the internet is that once it’s out there…. it’s out there for good.  You can delete it but you don’t know who has downloaded it or shared it since you’ve posted it.  That’s enough about that, I want to talk about my puppy!

Over the weekend, I got my new puppy. Her name is Mya and she’s a Sheepadoodle.  (Olde English sheepdog + Large Poodle = Sheepadoodle).  I’ve never had a puppy. (We adopted Morgan when she was 10 months old and my childhood dogs were always older rescue dogs.) I’m loving the puppy experience; even if I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since Friday.  I love the way she smells, plays, eats, and sleeps.


See you online!




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