Do I Have to Write All my Blogs?

Many of us are not writers but blogging is becoming an important part of business.  It’s a fabulous way to keep clients up to date on what’s new in your business.  Sitting down in front on the computer with a blank screen can be overwhelming and the thought of having to write something every week is even more daunting.  So to answer the question, Do I have to write all my blogs? No, you don’t have to write all your blogs.  Below are 5 ways to get around writing your own blog.

1) Invite clients to write a review.  Ask your clients to write about what they think of a particular product or service.

2) Ask your suppliers to write about their products.  Who knows the product better than the supplier of that particular product.

3) Post a link to another blog. If you find a blog that is relevant to your business, ask permission and then post it on your blog.  Make sure you get permission and give credit.  You don’t want to plagiarize but most bloggers would be more than happy for you to use their blog.

4) Re-use a previous post.  Update an old post with some new content and before you know it you’ve got a new post!

5) Outsource. There are lot’s of great writers out there.  Have a ghost writer write your posts for you.

See you online!




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